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I have been working on my children's family tree since 1997.  It has been and still is an exciting and difficult journey.  The help I have received from distant cousins I have located on-line has been invaluable.  Because of this, I have decided to post what I have in an effort to help others who may be searching for the same families.  My goal is to update the site regularly and to enable communication with long lost and newly discovered relatives.  Please contact me with any questions, comments or updates pertaining to any family name listed.

  I am currently working on 'fixing' the family tree information I have.  As many young genealogists do (or do not), I did not enter references on the information I originally obtained and frequently took other peoples and the internets 'word for it.'  Because of this I have found many errors.  So, I decided to start over in a sense.  I am now posting the first of many family tree files I have been working on.  Every item listed is referenced.  I am looking for help to fill in the gaps (with documented materials).  Please help where you can.     ~ Thanks,  Sarah  

I have put together a family tree cookbook, which includes many family favorites passed down through the generations.  If you are interested in contributing to future editions or if you would like to purchase a copy, please contact me at the e-mail link above.



  Surnames I am Researching
Barnes Brucher Bruner Cochran Coleman
Crane Dunham Fields Figart Goodnight
Grejtak Greytak Gunknecht Halstead Harmon
Harper Leist Long Martin McCarty
Michaels Postoak Reese Roush Shackelford
Smith Stearns Trent Walker Wallace

Last Updated: 08/04/2009


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